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Founder and Chairman: Tan Jianmin

Looking back on that year, I was a science and technology man with ideological consciousness, IQ and a low pattern. With the limited resources and support, I started from the industry's initial wood processing, and I have already had twenty-three hot summers. I am honored to be here today. I can share with you the efforts and experiences of my colleagues and colleagues! During the period, we received help, support, encouragement from all parties, and it is difficult to list the acknowledgements. Only remember to do our best to do the job of doing the job for the employees, for the customers, and to create greater value for the stakeholders as the best thank you!
Over the past few years, I have worked hard with my colleagues to practice the principle of doing things by doing things, to do things by doing things, to uphold the principle of doing things, to uphold the people-oriented, honesty, customer-oriented philosophy, and to do everything possible to do everything. A business idea that creates value for customers and realizes their own value. I deeply believe that this is the root of what we can still have today!
Furniture and home furnishing industry are the most traditional and basic industries in the society. Inevitably, they have the characteristics of traditional industries with low production efficiency and low capital efficiency. In the immediate future, we face not only timely and effective use in the new economic environment, but also the use of new technologies to adapt. Social development. Market competition guarantees the business problems of long-term survival of enterprises. It is more necessary to effectively improve the production efficiency and capital efficiency of its own business chain, and hope to jointly promote the production efficiency of all links in the industrial chain of the industry, and improve the efficiency of capital. Only by realizing the industrial chain, the efficiency of the industrial chain, the progress of the industry, and the upgrading will be There is an inherent improvement in the survival space of individual enterprises, and sustainable development continues!
Looking forward to the future, we are insisting on sticking to the basics of the half-footed land. We also need to open up our minds to the maximum extent. Going out to study, unite and form alliances must not only speed up but also increase our own production efficiency. The speed and intensity of capital efficiency improvement. More needs to look at the industry, start, look for industrial progress, the direction of efficiency improvement, the road. The method, if it can be achieved, is worthy of support for many years, encouraging our peers, colleagues
To be honest with the family, to establish a home with confidence, no trust, no family, and a million dollars!
A hundred years of faith, a hundred years of believers! !
Believe, you, I love her! ! !