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Xinjia Home Group Events

  • 2018

    National Sales Department, 4 people from manufacturing team visited Hekman factory, Disney Headquarters, USA High Point Furniture Exhibition

  • 2017

    Foshan Xinjia Furniture Co , Ltd was formally upgraded to Guangdong Xinjia Home Furniture Group Co , Ltd in the same year, completing the first customization project of Shenzhen Muji Hotel in the world

  • 2016

    Establishment of a professional soft-ware design company, Shenzhen Dawen Design Co , Ltd Establishment of Innovative Structural Technology Company Foshan Aipin Technology Co , Ltd ] Establishment of High-end Designer Channel Customization Brand Man

  • 2015

    It is the first time to produce large quantities of fire-proof board hotel furniture and complete the first quantified cloakroom in hardbound room

  • 2014

    The company invested a huge amount of money to upgrade and renovate the factory in an all-round way, aiming at "garden-style factory ", which indicates that the value of "safety, energy saving, environmental protection " as a sense of social responsibil

  • 2012

    Establishment of Customization Business Department, Opening One-stop Customization Service of Hotel Club Hardcover Housing Private House Integrated Soft Assembly Set

  • 2010

    For the first time, Xinjia has completed the orders of over 10,000 sets (13,000 sets) of furniture issued by five-star hotels, which evidently proves that Xinjia has been absolutely affirmed by customers in the production of high-end hotel furniture

  • 2008

    Furniture manufacturing raw materials, process (factory internal environment) and finished furniture products have passed the national six-month inspection and monitoring, and have been awarded "product, environment double-excellent enterprise " and rece

  • 2006

    Pure Beauty Family and Red Cross Society of China held a charity fair in Beijing In November, the charity auction of "Truth, Goodness, Eternity, Love and Pure Beauty Relief Project for Orphans and Disabled Children " and "Media Meeting of Earl Slytheri

  • 2005

    In October, we compiled and issued the Technical Volume of Furniture Manufacturing Practical Manual for the production, technology and application of solid wood furniture The process provides industry standards, and has become the first private enterp

  • 2004

    The company launched a global strategy, renamed Xinjia Furniture Co , Ltd In the same year, Xinjia Furniture Vocational University was founded

  • 2003

    Xinjia Laboratory (Physics, Chemistry and Mechanics) has been put into use officially The scientific inspection system can effectively guarantee the process and quality of furniture production by testing raw materials, processing parts, installation o

  • 2002

    The total area of the company s plant area has been expanded to 65 649 The second automatic assembly line has been completed and put into operation At the same time, nearly 40 technical renovations have been carried out, which has increased the company

  • 2001

    In May, 12 senior and middle-level leaders of the company visited the high-end American furniture manufacturer in the United States, and studied the manufacturing process of American furniture, quality management and furniture laboratory testing projects,

  • 2000

    The first automatic paint production line of Jintai began to be put into trial operation In the same year, Shenzhen Stahao Home Limited, an independent domestic sales company, and SFI, an export company, were established and successfully obtained high-en

  • 1999

    In May, the company leased Foshan Xinya Hardware Crafts Co , Ltd In December, the company prepared to set up a third production branch (paint, assembly, packaging line)

  • 1998

    The second branch of the company was established, and its employees increased from more than 200 to more than 600, and to more than 1000 by the end of the year

  • 1997

    The overall area of the company increased to 12000 square meters, expanded production, established the existing production base as the first production branch, and began to prepare for the establishment of the second production branch, the establishment o

  • 1996

    Jintai people have won the trust and support of furniture importers and foreign customers in the spirit of sincere cooperation and wholehearted devotion They have compiled a win-win "814 myth "!

  • 1995

    Market development has achieved certain success and has developed business relations with MAGANSEN, PRESNEDETIAL and JDI An internal network has been established and the Internet has been opened on dedicated lines

  • 1994

    We have officially started to operate export independently Undertake 4200 (coffee) table series products, and send out the first container In December, more than 5000 square meters of factory buildings were completed and put into use, and the company ha

  • 1993

    Jintai Wood Industry Co , Ltd was formally established in November to rent the former Nanhai Teng Factory in Xiatang Road, Lishui Town, Nanhai City It has more than 50 employees and covers an area of about 1,000_ In the same year, the company built a f