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Xinjia Furniture-Factory Strength
Xinjia Manufacturing Division: Top Ten Furniture Brand Suppliers in the United States

Guangdong Xinjia Home Furniture Group Co., Ltd., formerly known as Jintai Woodware Factory, was founded in 1993. Twenty-six years of dedication to one thing, "made furniture". It has six production workshops: non-printing customization, designer sample customization, Hotel furniture, cabinet wardrobe (quantitative matching), soft package furniture and hardware accessories.
The "Central Laboratory" was built in early 2003, which is the "first private testing laboratory" in China's furniture industry. It covers more than 20 testing items in the world and has been highly recognized by government agencies and the same industry.
Since 2004, Xinjia Home has become a designated strategic cooperative supplier of furniture for Disney Hotel and Paradise Project. Long-term service in Muji, Four Seasons Hotel and Overseas Chinese City and other real estate companies. Xinjia Home provides life-long after-sales and 100% customized service to boost your private space.

Central Laboratory

Xinjia Laboratory was established in early 2003. At present, it has carried out more than 20 items of testing in seven categories, including environmental simulation, material physical and mechanical properties, load, hardware, furniture mechanics, paint, environmental protection indicators, etc. The testing equipment is calibrated annually by the national accredited measuring and testing institutions and is recognized by the same industry.

01. JAS test: test the bonding strength of the product.
02. Dry test: test the moisture content of solid wood, board, bark and other raw materials.
03. Physical and mechanical properties testing: testing the physical and chemical properties of wood-based panels and veneered wood-based panels.
04. Testing of bonding strength: testing the properties of class II plywood.
05. Wood density testing: testing air-dry density, total dry density and basic density of wood.
06. Wood stress testing: testing the quality of dry sawn wood.
07. Cold and heat cycle test: test the temperature difference between heat and cold resistance of paint film on furniture surface
08. EMC test: test the stability of key structural position (visual surface) of furniture.
09. Salt spray test: test the corrosion resistance of metal surface (handle/flower, etc.).
10. Drawer guide test: test the applicability of the guide.
11. Furniture mechanical properties test: test the strength of support foot and armrest.
12. Rocking test: strength and durability of chairs.
13. Bucket/door bearing capacity test: test the stability of hinge/screw.
14. Cross cutting test: test the adhesion of paint film on furniture surface.
15. Pressure test of paint film on furniture surface: test the compressive strength of paint film.
16. Measuring the cold-resistant liquid on furniture surface: Testing the liquid-resistant of paint film on furniture surface.
17. Formaldehyde testing: testing the concentration of formaldehyde in products and air.
18. Paint brightness test: according to the corresponding product standards.
19. Load-proof testing: testing the product's load-bearing and anti-lodging ability in the use process.

Insist on Specialized Production

Specialized production is the most advanced and effective form of production in modern industrial production. It is also an important way to rationally organize industrial productivity, speed up technological progress, and improve scale and economic benefits. Xinjia Home has the world's leading machinery and equipment, painting line and professional and meticulous teachers, to provide the most reliable guarantee for each product.

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