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A quarter century of struggle and perseverance - Thanksgiving for you

Publisher: Xinjia Group2019-06-03 19:17:23

From having to being strong, it's not easy.
There have been setbacks and successes.
The whole society is at a standstill
Full of touching fortunes

The Development of Believers
Let's learn to be grateful and be grateful.
Thanks to all believers,
Every consumer,
Every cooperative alliance.

Thank you for coming hand in hand
Client articles

Thanks for you - Welcome homeOld colleagues
In each of us
We all have a beautiful memory that we can't forget.
Whether this is your starting point,
It's just your station.
Here is where each of us grows from green to green.
From mature to successful platform.
Whether you are in good times or in bad times,
Welcome home!

On November 25, 108 old colleagues gathered in all directions to enjoy the happiness brought by fate. At the same time, let's open our hearts, release our passion and let the familiar and friendly smiling faces blossom here!

Mr. Cai Manhui, the "elder" of Xinjia, introduced to you the development and changes of the company in recent years.

Director Qian, who was young and handsome at that time, is still a handsome young chief Qian. He shares his feelings on behalf of his old colleagues.

Mr. Tan Jianmin, chairman and old colleague of the company, and his team of believers welcome you home!
Thank you for your cooperation and progress
Internal Activities

The growth of believers is inseparable from the concerted efforts and unity of colleagues. In this extraordinary year, many "extraordinary" deeds have emerged in the big family of believers. Their spirit of hard work, blame for grievances, courage to take on responsibilities and learning innovation is worth learning.

Persistence and guardianship in the quarter century:
Let's "believe in home for a hundred years, a hundred years"
Dreams go further;
The struggle and struggle of the quarter century:
Bearing our youth and dreams,
With wisdom and hard sweat,
Let's embark on a new journey with confidence!

Recalling the Past, 25 Years of Prosperity
Look at the Ming Dynasty, Centennial Enterprise Creation