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About Guangdong Xinjia Home

Publisher: Xinjia Group2019-06-11 19:52:53

Nothing is impossible 
for a  willing heart

Integral Customization of Xinjia

In order to realize the dream of "believing in a family for a hundred years, believing in a family for a hundred years",
After years of hard work,
The Group has many independent brands and innovative subsidiaries.

[Furniture made]
26 years of focus on doing one thing to build good furniture after time wash and practice, the first heart does not change strength.

Professional Provision 
Top Private House 
High-end clubhouse 
Star hotels 
Quantitative Matching 
Customization services in areas such as 
Home-building by sincerity and home-building by faith, 
Faithlessness makes a family rich in gold. 
Believe in home for a hundred years, believe in home for a hundred years! 
Believer, you, I love her!

[Group Profile]

In the past 26 years, Xinjia Home has been leading the industry standard. Two major White House imperial brands and Imprinted Goods have sought the first hotel manufacturer. They have long served the real estate companies such as Four Seasons Hotel and Overseas Chinese City. They specialize in providing "private space customization" one-stop integrated services to create a super five-star space model.

Customize what customers want and what services they need.
With our ultimate pursuit,
Let your bold ideas and free creation become reality.
We provide lifelong after-sales service and 100% customized service. 
Increase your score for your private space.
With the most serious attitude,
Achieve the most authentic customizer.

Xinjia has more than 20 world standard central laboratories for testing and testing, 34 patents and 6 inventions. To organize the compilation and publication of a technical sub-volume of Furniture Manufacturing Practical Manual.