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Make a good home-made thing

Publisher: Xinjia Group2019-06-17 20:25:53

Xinjia Manufacturing Base
Achieving Dream Space

Careful selection of materials
The first step in making a good furniture is to select a good base material. 
Xinjia Furniture has a perfect material procurement and supply system. 
It covers both common and rare wood and bark varieties. 
To meet the different needs of customers. 
Xinjia furniture is made of high quality wood. 
Made by superb craftsmanship. 
In addition to wood, it is often used with other high-quality materials. 
Such as aluminium, steel, glass, plastics, wallets and
Marble and other materials are used together to make mixed wind furniture.

Stick to the best materials
For more than 20 years, Xinjia insisted on using carefully selected imported wooden bark as its material.
Plates and decorative materials.
The finished product effect and service life are more perfect and durable.
Every piece of furniture needs to pass professional safety testing before leaving the factory.
Ensure that the safest furniture is delivered to the customer's home.

Environmental protection and health

Adhere to the selection of safe and environmentally friendly paints
There has been no professional case of paint in the past 20 years.
Workers in environmentally friendly and healthy production environments,
Only in this way can we make the most comfortable furniture.
With the world famous environmental protection paint VALSPAR and
AKZO NOBEL long-term cooperation.

Inheritance and Innovation

The strongest way to install
Xinjia's wooden furniture uses what is known as the "soul" of wooden furniture.
The tenon and mortise is the main structure, which is more durable and strong.
It is also a testimony to the inheritance and history of Chinese culture.

Innovation of Furniture Structure
Committed to providing efficient assembly,
Convenient maintenance and green sustainable furniture solutions.
Freedom of creativity, assembly,
The possibility of creating furniture unknown.

Strength Witness
34 patents
Six Inventions
To organize the compilation and publication of a technical sub-volume of Furniture Manufacturing Practical Manual

Stick to Craftsmanship
100% exclusive customization
Sublimation of Technology by Art
Let the Soul Turn Furniture