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Congratulations on the opening of Daji-Xinjia Home Group's innovative products

Publisher: Xinjia Group2019-07-04 13:14:57

Thank you to friends in the design industry, real estate partners and private homeowners for coming to Xinyi in their busy schedule to witness another glorious historical moment in the development of Xinjia's home and welcome the birth of another brand-new undertaking.

inyi Customization is an incubation product of Xinjia Home Group's innovative projects. There are partners, internal employees, and a group of like-minded friends who jointly inject capital into the stock market. Here, we gather talents, resources, materials and art. We meet you in Xinyi, Nice meeting you! We create new businesses together and create new formats together.

Thank you for your time. It is difficult for believers to thank all parties for their help, support and encouragement in the past 26 years. We should only remember that we should do our best to do our standard work and create greater value for our employees and stakeholders in order to thank them.
I wish you all the best in your career. I hope Xinyi Customization is flourishing. Everyone can have a good time and make money happily.
Mr. Tan Jianmin, Founder of Xinjia

Selection of materials
ethiopia yirgacheffe
A synonym for fine coffee
The best coffee in the world
Blue Mountain No.1
Drinking coffee should be like tasting a glass of good wine.
Fine taste is the essence of it.

Xinyi comes from the idea of customized customers.
Service customization needs arise at the historic moment.
Let the bold ideas and free creation of the owners and designers of Party A
Can become reality.
Committed to the customer's private space to help add points,
We provide lifelong after-sales service and 100% customization service.

Guangdong Xinjia Home Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993. For 26 years, the focus on doing one thing "made furniture" has undergone fashionable washing and training, and its original intention remains unchanged.
Since 2004, Xinjia Home has become a designated strategic cooperative supplier of furniture for an international famous theme park project. Long-term service in Muji, Four Seasons Hotel and Overseas Chinese City and other real estate companies. Xinjia Home provides life-long after-sales and 100% customized service to boost your private space.

Integral Customization of Xinjia Home
We are pursuing the ultimate goal.
Let your bold ideas and free creation become reality