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How to make a cup of coffee that touches you?

Publisher: Xinjia Group2019-07-04 14:42:37

—— Special thanks to the Inger Coffee Team!

Try with your hands, look with your heart, between your palms,
Let the taste open the whole body's sensory perception through the taste buds and olfaction

A cup of delicious hand-brewed coffee is clean, balanced, rich in layers and distinct in flavor. Hand-brewed coffee is one of the most popular and personalized ways of brewing coffee in the era of fine coffee nowadays. Many friends around me began to ask, what is hand-brewed coffee? How can you make a delicious hand-brewed coffee? Today we all study together! If you want to make a cup of delicious hand-made coffee tall and tall, follow me and get started.

Teacher Yinger Coffee is in class.

Hand-brewed coffee is one of the most popular and personalized ways of brewing coffee in the era of fine coffee nowadays. Hand-brewed coffee enthusiasts will pay attention to every detail of hand-brewed coffee, hand-brewed pot coffee powder ratio, water temperature, grinding degree, water quality, beans date will affect a cup of hand-brewed coffee.

Learn with interest, understand the fun of hand-brewed coffee and master the method of making it.

When it comes to learning, people always think it's boring, serious and difficult. Coffee learning is not the same - because curiosity and interest, is the best teacher, of course, the charm of coffee itself, but also to add a variety of fun to learning.

Hand-brewed coffee starts with interest and focuses on practical operation, so that everyone can feel the charm and fun of hand-brewed coffee in learning. Easy to understand the whole process of coffee production, master the production methods, happy to make a cup of hand-brewed coffee at home!

Hand-brewed coffee is the best way to reflect the taste of restored individual coffee. The seemingly simple way, but most need technology and kungfu. Yuan coffee chooses the world-class fine coffee beans to learn the production experience, so that you can deeply understand the concept and taste of coffee in learning, and master the technology and essentials of making hand-brewed coffee.

Ingenuity is the origin of Ingenuity. It is easy to interpret and ingenious. Ingenuity coffee brand was founded in 2015. It loves sharing and communicating with people. Team Qualifications: CQI Q-grader Coffee Specialist Certification, European Coffee Association SCA Coffee Specialist Certification, European Coffee Association SCA Baker Certification, European Coffee Association SCA Cooking Certification, Guangzhou COE per Camp Member, Guangzhou Coffee Association Member, CUP OF EXCELLENCE Brazil COE Judge, responsible for BSCA Brazil Coffee Excellence Association online promotion.

We hope to exchange a cup of coffee with your heart, warmth and delicacy for a beautiful encounter and long-term companionship.

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