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"Friendship does not graduate" letters will take you to play around with classma

Publisher: Xinjia Group2019-07-30 17:31:25

It's a pleasure to get together. The fragrance of friendship will give you.
Our plain life adds a warm ray of sunshine.

Forty years have passed.
We move from youth to youth.
After years of baptism, regardless of our current situation?
Whatever occupation? Success in fame or not?
We have not forgotten the time we spent together day and night.。

Flowing water is not blocked by mountains and rocks, and friendship is not blocked by years.
The frankness continues to be frank, and the publicity is still publicized.
Who became who? Who have we become?
Only we are still us.

Our gathering is in Xinyi.
Although there is no sense of ritual in the alma mater, there is no noise in the hotel.
Experience light music with health tea, coffee and fruit tea.
Drinking at will in the automatic dining bar can make you feel at ease here!

Looking back on the past, we have no regrets.
We have to pay, we have to pay back.
All in their respective fields
Describe different life and practice their own ideals.
Looking ahead, we firmly believe that,
We still have a better life. Joy is always there.。

We all have a fragrance that belongs to us.
We all have an indelible youth
Yesterday, today, tomorrow, we are still young!